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  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

    What are the CPE requirements to maintain my CFE credential?

    CFE's will earn 20 hours of CPE per twelve month period. At least 10 of these must relate directly to the detection and deterrence of fraud and 2 hours must relate to directly to ethics.

    What fields of study qualify for CPE credits?

    Fraud Examination, Accounting and Auditing, Law, and Specialized Knowledge and Applications generally qualify for CPE requirements. Other fields of study may also qualify if the subject is related to the practice of fraud examination or one of its related disciplines (law, accounting, criminology, and investigation methods).

    Can I use CPE credits earned from other designations for my CFE credential?

    Yes, unlimited CPE hours per year are allowed for participant credit, which is defined as instruction in a formal class setting. A formal class is one that meets in a formal setting, and includes

    (1) an instructor;

    (2) a written course outline;

    (3) attendance that is required and recorded; and

    (4) a certificate of completion listing the number of CPE hours earned is issued to the attendee.

    One hour of credit is equal to at least 50 minutes of classroom time.

    College courses may be claimed and computed at the rate of 15 hours CPE for each semester hour completed. Transcripts must be obtained to support the claim for CPE hours. In-house training is acceptable, provided that it is offered in a formal setting and meets the above criteria. Informal, on-the-job training may not be claimed.

    How many Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits are given for ACFE events?

    For 1-day courses, you may earn 8 CPE hours, for 2-day courses you may earn 16 CPE hours, and for 3 day courses you may earn up to 24 hours of CPE. ACFE conferences may vary in the number of CPE hours given, depending on the length on the conference.

    What if I get more than 20 hours in one 12-month period? Can I roll them over to the next year?

    Yes. Beginning January 1, 2008 you can carry over up to 10 CPE hours from one CPE year to the next CPE year.

    How do I report my CPE credits?

    The ACFE no longer requires reporting of specific CPE credit hours. You will be required to certify, online or by phone, that you are in compliance with CPE requirements each year. Additionally, you may be asked to provide proof of CPE if you are selected for an audit or if you are involved in a disciplinary proceeding.

    CPE records should not be sent to the ACFE unless specifically requested by the ACFE's staff. The ACFE does not maintain CPE records for members. CFEs are responsible for keeping track of their CPE and retaining for three years supporting documents for CPE credit they earn, such as proof of attendance and completion of courses.

    Where do I confirm my Annual CFE CPE Compliance?

    To confirm your Annual CPE compliance, you must log in to your account on using your username and password. Click here for quick access, or the "Members Only" CPE menu on the left. Alternatively, you may call the ACFE at (800) 245-3321 (USA & Canada only) or +1 (512) 478-9000 to certify compliance over the phone.

    What if I cannot maintain my CPE requirements?

    Any member who is unable to demonstrate CPE compliance, or who is found to have made a false certification, may be subject to discipline including expulsion from the ACFE. CFEs can apply for an extension, a written request must be sent to the ACFE citing special circumstances that make CPE compliance impossible.

    I am no longer working in a fraud-related field. Do I have to comply with CPE requirements?

    If your employment status has changed and you no longer use the CFE credential professionally, please contact Member Services to find out about other status options.

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