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  • Accounting & Auditing

    Accountants and auditors are responsible for detecting and deterring fraud by evaluating accounting systems for weaknesses, designing and monitoring internal controls, and determining the degree of organizational fraud risk. Learn the advanced techniques and strategies to help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and efficiently monitor a company’s existing systems.

  • Books & Manuals   

    Financial Statement Fraud CasebookFinancial Statement Fraud Casebook: Baking the Ledgers and Cooking the Books 

    Financial Statement Fraud Casebook presents the collected insights of some of the most experienced fraud examiners around the world. This collection of revealing case studies sheds new light into the dark corners of financial statement fraud. Learn more.  

    A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation, Second Edition  

    Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination 

    Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting, Fourth Edition 

    Live Events  

    Other People's Money Product ImageDetecting Fraud Through Vendor Audits 

    Discover best practices and valuable tips to protect your organization from fraud perpetrated by vendors. In this one-day ACFE training course, you will learn how to develop a solid foundation for vendor audits, how to identify which vendors to target and what common vendor fraud schemes to look for. Learn more.  

    Auditing for Internal Fraud   

    Financial Statement Fraud