• EthicsLine 

    "Where a fraud hotline was in place, fraud schemes were detected on average 12 months sooner and median financial loss was reduced by 44 percent." 

    About EthicsLine 

    Provided as a resource by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), EthicsLine serves as an internal control tool through which companies can prevent, detect and investigate instances of fraud and abuse. Powered by NAVEX Global, the EthicsLine offering provides global reach and includes hotline, case management, analytics functionality plus communication campaign materials.

    EthicsLine provides expertise and experience. 

    NAVEX Global, the power behind EthicsLine, introduced the original fraud hotline and is the largest provider of hotline, case management, and analytic solutions worldwide.

    EthicsLine provides a solution for every organization. 

    EthicsLine can be customized to meet your needs regardless of your geography of operation, industry, or size, including Public and Private Corporations, Academic Institutions, Government Entities, and Charities and Non-profit Organizations.

    EthicsLine provides innovation. 

    NAVEX Global, the power behind EthicsLine, introduced the industry's first mobile hotline reporting and case management solution designed for mobile browsers, including BlackBerry® smartphones and iPhones®. 

    EthicsLine provides insight. 

    With 30 years of experience and over 3 million database records of business misconduct, NAVEX Global, the power behind EthicsLine, has the most robust source of hotline benchmarking information worldwide.