• Web-Based Hotline 

    EthicsLine Web-based Fraud Hotline Solution

    Whether as a standalone hotline or to complement the Telephone-based Hotline solution, EthicsLine includes a Web-based Hotline that ensures anonymous, secure submissions. 


    Multilingual site presentation and report entry in up to 150 languages

    Personalized home page with your organization's name, logo, photo and links to employee Code of Conduct or contact list, or a fully customized site with organizational colors and branding

    Generic, custom and password-protected URL options for branding and security

    Scripted report format and applicable branching to ensure a simple, thorough and accurately submitted report

    Attachment of files, scanned documents and photos to initial and follow-up reports

    Initial and follow-up report processing and report response capabilities enable ongoing communication and desired anonymity

    Customized handling procedures for special processing to avoid conflict of interest

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption guarantees confidentiality and anonymity—24/7/365