• Hotline


    The EthicsLine hotline solution is offered as telephone, web, and mobile Hotline in more than 150 languages and enables the confidential and anonymous reporting of instances of fraud, business misconduct or non-compliance. The hotline solution is supported by the EthicsLine Contact Center, which is staffed by trained communication specialists and backed by a secure, reliable technology infrastructure—available 24/7/365. Report tracking and analytics enable the management of cases. 

    Telephone-Based Hotline

    EthicsLine provides a wide range of telephony options for Telephone-based Hotlines to support clients' employees around the world. The EthicsLine Contact Center technology allows for personalized greetings, branding statements and prompts. EthicsLine Communication Specialists employ a guided, intuitive interview process to result in a thorough and actionable report. 

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    Web-Based Hotlines

    The same expertise, best practices and logic used in our industry-standard Telephone Hotline service is applied to our Web-based Hotline service. Our user-friendly system can function as a standalone channel or complement a Telephone Hotline, giving your employees and other users the comfort, security and convenience of multiple ways to report and follow up on issues in a secure and confidential manner. 

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    Mobile-Based Hotlines

    The EthicsLine Mobile Hotline is a secure, on-demand Web-based application that integrates fully with the EthicsLine Telephone and Web-based Hotline. Designed to complement telephone and web hotline functionality, EthicsLine Mobile-based Hotline enables reporters to submit from anywhere, anytime. EthicsLine Mobile is available worldwide from web-connected mobile browsers, including BlackBerry® smartphones and iPhone® devices. 

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