• The EthicsLine Contact Center

    The EthicsLine state-of-the-art Contact Center powered by NAVEX Global is staffed by skilled professionals. The Contact Center incorporates Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology to maximize call processing efficiency and operates 24/7/365 and processes hundreds of thousands of hotline calls per year. 

    Contact Center At-a-Glance

    The Contact Center currently serves more than 800 multi-national organizations spread across 200 countries and territories.

    As a result of NAVEX Global's Federal Government work, Contact Center employees have "For Official Use Only" (FOUO) clearance, which encompasses "Sensitive but Unclassified Information."


    Management of Workload to Workforce

    All aspects of Contact Center operations are continually monitored and call volume is forecasted by month of year, day of week and quarter hour. As call volume increases, our skilled team is adjusted accordingly to meet or exceed the required service levels.

    Experienced Management and Certified Staff  

    Our Contact Center staff includes highly skilled, college-educated Communication Specialists, plus experienced Team Leads, Training Specialists and Managers with an average tenure of nearly five years. In addition, emphasis is placed on the honesty and professionalism of all job candidates, and pre-hire background checks and drug screenings are performed in every case.

    All Contact Center staff are direct employees of NAVEX Global and are dedicated solely to the intake of ethics and compliance hotline reports. As part of our privacy policy, all employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements. Our Contact Center employees are also required to sign an additional, more detailed confidentiality agreement. In addition, due to our work with the Federal Government, many of our employees have "For Official Use Only" (FOUO) clearance, which encompasses "Sensitive but Unclassified Information." 

    Ongoing Ethics and Compliance Training

    Full-time Training Specialists are dedicated to providing ongoing training for employees in the Contact Center specific to procedures, current issues, and individual skill development. Overall training includes identification of workplace issues affecting callers, interviewing techniques, accurate report writing, assignment of call priority levels, and diversity and sensitivity training. A high degree of emphasis is also placed on legal and ethical issues concerning the critical and confidential nature of the work being performed and the information being gathered. 

    Quality from Start to Finish

    The call intake and report dissemination process goes through a quality assurance process. Contact Center Team Leads conduct live call monitoring while also providing real-time feedback and detailed report inspection.