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  • Case Management


    Best-in-Class Information Management—Automated and Integrated


    The most effective Hotline solutions include a telephone, web, and mobile hotline integrated with the proper case management for managing the data. Functionality of the case management system includes a central data repository, along with the ability to receive, view, respond to and manage case investigations.


    EthicsLine includes a range of scalable and flexible case management functions that can be designed to meet the needs of your organization and tailored to your organizational size, structure, culture, business processes, legal and regulatory requirements and areas of risk. The EthicsLine Case Management system facilitates the management of cases regardless of whether they come in via telephone, web or mobile hotline. The EthicsLine Case Management system also enables the direct input of responses received internally through other means so that all reports are centrally stored. And, the EthicsLine Case Management system features unprecedented security for your data.


    EthicsLine Case Management Features


    Secure, on-demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery through our web portal provides real-time access to case information for timely response

    Workflow automation and process controls enable consistent and thorough documentation for efficiency and effectiveness

    Robust query tools provide visibility into summary- and detail-level program information for critical insight and analysis

    Flexible client-defined configuration empowers users and permits customization within the case management system


    EthicsLine Case Management Functions


    Case Management enables collaborative and timely management of reported issues from the individual report level to the overall program level. Using our Case Management service, you can:


    View reports from all intake sources on a central, configurable report list; enter new reports for information received internally; manage case loads by filtering and sorting the report list by date, status, priority, or location, for example.

    Review initial and follow-up report details, view files attached by the reporter, and submit non-English reports for translation (authorized users only).

    Respond to and request additional information from reporters; enter responses in English or in the reporter's language, or submit English responses for translation (authorized users only). Responses entered through the Case Management system are immediately available for retrieval by reporters, whether they follow up online or by telephone hotline.

    Assign Case Manager and Case Investigator roles per case; make multiple assignments per case; use the assignment indicator to track progress of individual assignments; automatically assign users to cases that they enter in the system.

    Document case investigation and resolution details, and attach related documents; generate PDF versions of case details.

    Track case progress using case status; receive e-mail notification of case activity; view comprehensive audit trail of case updates; archive closed cases.

    Search for reports using the flexible search function to select criteria and output fields, navigate to individual reports from the results list, download results list to a spreadsheet for additional formatting and analysis.

    Analyze report counts and trends using a set of pre-built charts and graphs; set filters, view summary data, and click through to supporting detail; print management-ready reports that include titles, charts, filters, and summary data; download summary report detail to a spreadsheet.