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  • Analytics

    Turn Your Hotline Data into Actionable Insights

    To proactively address issues and manage risk, your fraud hotline data must be systematically collected and analyzed for patterns and trends. EthicsLine includes functionality for analysis of program data, from the individual case level to the overall program level, while easily providing the information expected by your executive team, Board of Directors, and Audit Committee.

    Standard Analytics functionality includes: 

    Monthly management summary reports with month-to-date and year-to-date program activity

    Standard summary reports that can be executed anytime for up-to-date information on a variety of criteria

    Graphical dashboard view of program activity and statistics


    Optional Analytics functionality includes:


    For more sophisticated trend analysis and benchmarking, you may opt to purchase optional advanced analytics tools:


    Report Writer – enables real-time queries and trend analysis of data collected from all intake sources as well as the export of data into Excel spreadsheets

    Comparative Data Reports – comparative data analysis of hotline data specific to a an industry or across industries

    Integrity Diagnostics – proprietary advanced diagnostic tool designed to help you understand historical patterns of hotline reports and benchmark them against identified ranges