• The ACFE Corporate Alliance

    Is the ACFE Corporate Alliance Right For Your Organization?  

    Does your organization: 

    Have 10 or more people involved in some aspect of your anti-fraud efforts?
    Need to make a public statement about your commitment to the fight against fraud?
    Need to bring a more team-based approach to your anti-fraud program?

    Want to protect itself from fraud losses - financial, reputational, and regulatory? 


    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Corporate Alliance may be a good fit for your organization. We encourage you to contact us and learn more about how participation in the Corporate Alliance can benefit your team and your company.


    On the other hand: 

    If you work for a government or law enforcement agency, the best fit for your organization is the ACFE Law Enforcement Partnership. Learn more. 


    If you work for a college, university, or other educational institution, the ACFE Anti-Fraud Education Partnership may be a better fit for your organization. Learn more. 


    If you work for a smaller company, individual membership in the ACFE may give you the best return on your membership dollars. Learn more.