Together, Reducing Fraud Worldwide

  • The ACFE Corporate Alliance

     Protect Your Company From Fraud 
    Participation in the ACFE Corporate Alliance can help your organization:
    1. Protect itself from fraud. Participation in the ACFE Corporate Alliance can help protect your company both from direct losses, and from fines and other legal sanctions. An organization’s commitment to fight fraud is the foundation of an effective anti-fraud program that can serve to mitigate or avoid penalties if a rogue employee engages in fraud or corruption. Joining the Corporate Alliance and taking advantage of the employee training and educational opportunities entailed helps to demonstrate such a commitment.
    2. Improve the bottom line. Research conducted by the ACFE as part of preparing the 2012 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse determined that in organizations with CFEs on staff, frauds were uncovered 50 percent sooner, and the median fraud loss was 44 percent lower. The unique expertise CFEs possess in preventing, detecting and deterring fraud has a demonstrable impact on the bottom line. Their effectiveness, and thus their contribution to the organization, increases when whole teams share common terminology, methodologies and a common body of knowledge. The Corporate Alliance is designed to help ensure that everyone involved in the fight against fraud at your organization is up to speed on solid fundamentals, best practices and the latest trends.
    3. Get the most value out of your relationship with the ACFE. Corporate Alliance participants receive numerous benefits, including a dedicated liaison at the ACFE to provide an extra level of personalized service; free featured employer listings on the ACFE Job Board; discounts on EthicsLine, the official hotline of the ACFE; and many more.


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