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Q and A with Sarah Lureau, CFE


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Sarah Lureau, CFE, of Illinois enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family, traveling, and exploring different cultures. When she is not traveling with her family, the new CFE is sharing anti-fraud knowledge with her students at North Central College as a professor of an accounting course. 


Coach: When did you receive your CFE credential?
Lureau: I received my CFE credential in September of 2013.


Coach: You attended the CFE Exam Review Course in Washington and following the course you sat for the CFE Exam on-site. Please describe your experience of participating in the 3½-day course and then sitting for the exam immediately after.
Lureau: My overall experience with the CFE Exam Review Course was invaluable. The Review Course highlighted and reviewed the important aspects for all four parts of the exam. It helped me streamline my studying, which allowed me to establish a more effective study plan. Additionally, the course provided me with the opportunity to interact with instructors, the ability to receive immediate feedback and assistance from professionals, and the opportunity to network with colleagues and Certified Fraud Examiners.


Coach: What did you like most about the CFE Exam Review Course?
Lureau: The ability to network with colleagues, as well as the instructors, was one of the most valuable aspects of the course. Reviewing the material and taking the exam with others provides a great support network and motivating/positive environment.


Coach: In what ways do you feel that your new CFE credential will be beneficial to you in your current profession?
Lureau: As an accounting professor at North Central College whose primary subject is auditing, the CFE credential provides me with another level of expertise in my profession. By becoming an expert in the field of fraud, I hope to inspire students to pursue additional certifications beyond the typical Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation. I hope to be a role model for students who wish to pursue fraud as a career, as well as an insightful resource for them to seek advice with their future endeavors.

The certification also added value to the accounting department, as well as the college. Currently, the accounting department at North Central has various designations; however, no one else is a Certified Fraud Examiner. As such, the pursuit for this certification complimented the department skillset and is a valuable and marketable addition to the collective group. The CFE credential is becoming more expected of individuals within my field.


Coach: How did you prepare yourself to sit for the exam on-site? Did you spend any additional time studying after class each day?
Lureau: Prior to the exam, I reviewed material covering the four parts of the exam. However, I did most of my studying on-site and then each night after the course. Upon returning home each night, I reviewed the questions on the CFE Exam Prep Course for the exam that I would be taking the following day. Reviewing the exam questions was a critical component in the studying process.


Coach: Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?
Lureau: I would absolutely recommend this course to my colleagues who are looking to pass the exam in a short amount of time and are able to focus an entire week on the material.


Coach: Where were you born and raised? 

Lureau: I was born and raised in Schaumburg, Illinois. I now currently live with my husband and two children in Naperville, Illinois.


Coach: How did you become passionate about fighting fraud? 

Lureau: I became passionate about fighting fraud when I was an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Now, as an accounting professor, my passion for fraud has grown significantly and I have chosen to focus my professional research and development within this area.


Coach: Now that we know what you do professionally, what do you like to do for fun and what do you find enjoyable about it? 

Lureau: For fun, I love to spend time with my family. My husband and children are my world and my inspiration. I love seeing life through their eyes and sharing in their joys and excitement as they are exposed to new things and experiences.

I love to travel and explore different cultures and ways of life. I also enjoy trying new restaurants and different food and wine pairings.


Coach: Do you have any study tips or suggestions for aspiring CFEs? 

Lureau: I strongly recommend that aspiring CFEs review the questions through the CFE Exam Prep Course prior to and during the CFE Exam Review Course. The combination of the two study programs provides the foundation and knowledge needed to become a Certified Fraud Examiner.


Coach: Thank you for your time and congratulations on your new CFE credential. 

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