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Q and A with Leah Lewis, CFE


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Coach: When did you receive your CFE credential?
Lewis: I received my CFE Certification Announcement on May 30, 2013.


Coach: You attended the CFE Exam Review Course in Atlanta, and following the course, you sat for the CFE Exam on-site. Please describe your experience of participating in the 3½-day course and then sitting for the exam immediately after.
Lewis: It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to attend the CFE Exam Review Course and sit for the Exam afterward. The instructors did a great job of making you feel at ease about the daunting Exam. The material was presented in a thorough, yet easy to remember, manner. I believe sitting for the Exam at the course was an advantage, and being able to receive your score immediately after taking the Exam provided a big confidence booster for the next day.


Coach: What did you like most about the CFE Exam Review Course?
Lewis: The best part of the review course was taking the Exam immediately following the lecture. The material was fresh on my mind. The examples and prep questions were great illustrators of the material on the Exam, and the instructors did an awesome job of making the material fun and easy to comprehend.


Coach: In what ways do you feel that your new CFE credential will be beneficial to you in your current profession?
Lewis: I am currently a HIPAA Compliance Analyst for a Medicare Contractor. I feel that the new CFE credential will be beneficial in performing my duties of identifying conflicts of interests, conducting internal investigations, and reporting violations of HIPAA and the Privacy Act. The knowledge and skill set that was gained with the accomplishment of this credential is not only beneficial to my current duties, but also to my company as a whole.


Coach: How did you prepare yourself to sit for the exam on-site? Did you spend any additional time studying after class each day?
Lewis: Each night before class I worked about 100 review questions in the section to be covered the following day. After the lecture, there was a small window between the end of class and the Exam. During this time, I would review as many questions in the Prep Course as time allowed. While working the review questions, I found that the lecture had greatly prepared me for the Exam.


Coach: Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?
Lewis: Absolutely! While intense, this course was a great investment in completing the Exam in a timely manner.


Coach: Now that we know what you do professionally, what do you like to do for fun? 

Lewis: I recently began crocheting and kickboxing in my spare time. Crocheting takes my mind off everything else around me, and kickboxing allows me to release any tension, frustration, or extra energy that I might have. In both, the end result brings the most joy!


Coach: Do you have any study tips or suggestions for aspiring CFEs? 

Lewis: Do not attempt to read the entire Fraud Examiners Manual to prepare for the exam! The manual should be used as a reference tool. Work as many prep questions as possible, and attend a CFE Exam Review Course if possible. While the information may seem daunting, it is very doable!


Coach: Thank you for your time and congratulations on your new CFE credential. 

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