• Board of Regents

    The Board of Regents is elected by the certified members of ACFE. They are responsible for setting membership standards that promote professionalism and ensure the future of the organization as a whole.

    The Regents have sole authority over the admission of members, including but not limited to examination standards. They also establish

    continuing professional education requirements, and are responsible for establishing, modifying and enforcing the CFE Code of Professional

    Ethics as well as all other matters necessary to maintain the high standards of the ACFE.

    Elections are held annually to fill vacant positions. All Regents elected shall serve two-year terms and hold office

    until their successors are duly elected. A Regent may serve only one term, and is not eligible for re-election.

    2017-2018 Board of Regents

    ACFE Board of Regents 
    Leah D. Lane, CFE (Chair); Jeanette LeVie, CFE (Advisory Member); Alexis C. Bell, CFE, PI; Bruce Dorris, J.D., CFE, CPA (Advisory Member); Vidya Rajarao, CFE, CA; Nancy E. Rich, CFE; Sidney P. Blum, CFE, CPA/CFF (Vice Chair); John Warren, J.D., CFE (Advisory Member).

    Regents Emeritus:

    Joseph J. Agins, CFE

    W. Steve Albrecht, Ph.D., CFE, CPA, CIA

    David P. Alexander, CFE, ACA

    David L. Battle, CFE

    Johnnie R. Bejarano, DBA, CFE, CPA

    Martin T. Biegelman, CFE

    Toby J.F. Bishop, CFE, CPA, FCA

    Lt. Col. Robert J. Blair, CFE, CGFM

    Corey Anne Bloom, CFE, CA, CA•IFA

    G. Jack Bologna, J.D., CFE

    William "Nick" Bowman, CFE

    Edwin C. Bradberry, CFE, CPP

    Nancy S. Bradford, CFE, CPA, CIA

    Richard G. Brody, Ph.D., CFE, CPA

    Michelle Brown, CFE

    Eric James Burton, Ph.D., CFE, CPA

    Peter R. Callaway, CFE, CAMS

    Ileana M. Colon-Carlo, CFE, CPA

    Cynthia Cooper, CFE, CISA

    Tiffany R. Couch, CFE, CPA/CFF

    Graham B. Cramm, CFE, CGA, CMA

    Isabel M. Cumming, J.D., CFE

    Roger Darvall-Stevens, MBA, CFE

    Bruce A. Dean, J.D., CFE, CPP

    Joseph R. Dervaes, CFE, CIA

    Robert DiPasquale, CFE, CPA

    Bruce G. Dubinsky, CFE, CPA

    Dennis F. Dycus, CFE, CPA

    Pedro A. Fabiano, CFE, CPA

    George F. Farragher, CFE, CPA

    Bryan J. Farrell, J.D., CFE, CPA

    Joseph L. Ford, CFE

    Dana A. Forgione, Ph.D., CFE, CPA, CMA

    Gilbert T. Geis, Ph.D., CFE

    Grace B. Ghezzi, CFE, CPA, CFP

    John D. Gill, JD, CFE

    Thomas W. Golden, CFE, CPA

    Scott Grossfeld, CFE, CPA

    Michael W. Hackworth, CFE, CPA

    Mason Haynesworth, CFE

    Angela Henschel, MBA, CFE, CPA

    John J. Hickey, CFE

    Franklyn J. Howatt, CFE

    Thomas D. Hubbard, Ph.D., CFE, CPA

    Joseph W. Koletar, DPA, CFE

    W. Michael Kramer, J.D., CFE

    Mary-Jo Kranacher, MBA, CFE, CPA

    Bert F. Lacativo, CFE, CPA

    G. Michael Lawrence, J.D., CFE

    Kathie Green Lawrence

    Philip C. Levi, CFE, CMC, FCA

    Robert Lindquist, CFE, CA

    B. Edward Madge, CFE

    Deborah L. Mantick, CFE

    Philip R. Manuel, CFE

    Martha Reynolds McVeigh, CFE

    Robert T. Miller, J.D., CFE

    Joel Moskowitz, CFE

    Don Mullinax, CFE, CIA, CGFM

    Kenneth M. Nelson, M.D., CFE, MPH

    J. Scott Newton, J.D., CFE

    Joel Nitzberg, CFE, CPA, CIA

    Joan Norvelle, Ph.D., CFE

    James J. Oakes, CFE, CFCI

    John Joseph O'Connor, CFE, CPA

    Gary A. Palmquist, J.D., CFE, CPA, CIA

    Mary Pat Panetti, CFE

    Paul C. Paterson, CFE

    Marilyn B. Peterson, CFE, CCA

    David R. Petterson, CFE, CA

    Oliver B. "Buck" Revell, CFE

    Jack Robertson, Ph.D., CFE, CPA

    Michael M. Ryman, CFE

    David C. Rule, CFE, CISM, CPP

    Tommy Seah, CFE, CMC, FAIA, ACIB

    L. Jackson Shockey, CFE, CPA, CISA

    Alton Sizemore, Jr., CFE, CPA/CFF

    Delena D. Spann, CFE, CCA

    Joseph A. Spinelli, J.D., CFE

    Ralph Q. Summerford, CFE, CPA

    Karen J. Tierney, CFE, CPA, CVA, CIA

    Bobby E. Tomlin, CFE, CPA, CIRA

    Jonathan E. Turner, CFE, CII

    Donald K. Wall, CFE

    John Fisher Weber, CFE, CPP

    Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA

    James E. Whitaker, CFE, CPP, CIFI

    Richard F. Woodford, Jr., J.D., CFE, SPHR

    Gerard Zack, CFE, CPA, CIA

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