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    Ryan C. Hubbs, CFE, CIA, CCSA, PHR 
    Forensic Audit Manager

    Houston, TX

    ryan-hubbs-150x225.jpgRyan C. Hubbs is the Forensic Audit Manager for Halliburton in Houston, Texas. Mr. Hubbs has more than 11 years of experience in the fraud investigation and internal audit field. He also has more than 13 years of full-time and volunteer law enforcement experience. He is currently responsible for forensic audits and data analytics initiatives at Halliburton. Prior to his position at Halliburton, Mr. Hubbs provided investigative support on fraud and employee misconduct investigations, internal controls and audits within the energy sector and through external consulting engagements. His last law enforcement appointment was with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office in the Special Operations Division where he held the rank of reserve Corporal and Detective, and assisted the Property Crimes Division on white-collar fraud cases. He also spent considerable time conducting search and rescue operations after Hurricane Katrina.


    Mr. Hubbs has extensive experience conducting hundreds of interviews, investigations and internal audit engagements. Some of his areas of expertise include: experience with employee and contractor frauds, conflicts of interest, ethics and compliance violations, controls consulting, process improvements, fraud risk assessments, contract review and contract recovery audits. Mr. Hubbs is also familiar with organization-wide anti-fraud programs and measures, including both preventive and detective measures. In addition to his anti-fraud experience, Mr. Hubbs has experience conducting investigations into employee misconduct including: discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, workplace violence, intimidation and pornography.

    Mr. Hubbs is a member of the ACFE Faculty where he co-presents the CFE Exam Review Course, as well as specialized training such as Interviewing Techniques for Auditors, Auditing for Fraud, Contract and Procurement Fraud, and Conducting Internal Investigations. He sits on the Professional Standards and Practices Committee for the ACFE and the ACFE's Advisory Council. He served four years as the founder and chapter President of the New Orleans ACFE Chapter post–Hurricane Katrina and is currently the President of the Houston ACFE Chapter.

    Mr. Hubbs is also active in education, training and research. He has worked as an online faculty member with the University of Phoenix teaching the graduate level course; Managing the Business Enterprise. Mr. Hubbs has published articles in both the Fraud Magazine and Security Management Magazine. He has also contributed to the ACFE by providing original content for several ACFE Training programs. He currently supports professional organizations such as the ACFE, the IIA, and local universities by giving presentations on fraud, waste and abuse, and he has presented at dozens of local, regional and national conferences and seminars. Mr. Hubbs has also been a repeat presenter at several of the ACFE Annual Fraud Conferences.

    Mr. Hubbs graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a minor in Sociology/Criminology. He later graduated from Louisiana State University with a Master's in Business Administration. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA), and a Certified Human Resources Professional (PHR).