• Women in the Anti-Fraud Profession

    The ACFE celebrates female fraud fighters

    Article: Female fraud fighters are leading the charge

    Since the inception of the ACFE in 1988, female membership has grown tremendously. "When I was first hired, only eight out of 48 people in my class were women," says Nancy Rich, CFE, who has been a U.S. federal special agent for the past 25 years. "Women in my organization can now be stationed onboard ships as 'Agents Afloat' and can also be forward-deployed into war zones. The field of fraud has grown exponentially."  Read the article.

    Podcast: Leaders in the anti-fraud profession

    Liseli Pennings, CFE, Deputy Training Director for the ACFE, and Andi McNeal, CFE, Research Director for the ACFE, talk about being leaders in the anti-fraud industry, the importance of confidence, and the value of going for what you want and believing you can get there.

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    Rose Karam, CFE, CIA, Senior Internal Auditor, City of Cleveland 
    From skydiver to fraud fighter
    Natasha Novikov, CFE, CPA/CFF
    Forensic accountant at the FBI
    Ann Petterson, CFE, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly
    20-year Special Agent: Integrity and passion the most important assets
    Khristi Ferguson, CFE, Director, Internal Audit Bahamas Government, Ministry of Finance
    Experience, training and perseverance, keys to moving a career forward