• ACFE Staff

    ACFE Leadership
    Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA
    James D. Ratley, CFE
    President and CEO
    John D. Gill, J.D., CFE
    Vice President - Education
    John Warren, J.D., CFE
    Vice President and General Counsel
    Jeanette LeVie, CFE
    Vice President - Administration
    Bruce Dorris, J.D., CFE, CPA, CVA
    Vice President and Program Director

    Laura Collins
    Project Manager
    Lindsay Fassauer, CFE
    Assistant to the Chairman
    Jenny Carnahan
    Executive Assistant
     Membership ( MemberServices@ACFE.com):
    Ross Pry, CFE
    Director of Membership
    Angela Archie, CFE
    CFE Exam Coach
    Lupe DeLeon
    Member Services Manager
    Justin Dillon, CFE
    Assistant Member Services Manager
    Laura Lang
    Lead Member Services Representative
    Josh Amell
    Lead Member Services Representative
    Gina Estrada
    Member Services Representative
    Robert Barnes
    Lead Member Services Representative
    Logan Grace
    Member Services Representative
    Franco Coniglione
    Member Services Representative
    Emily Spross
    Member Services Representative
    Karla Stutts
    Member Services Representative
     Certification ( membership@ACFE.com):
    Christi Thornton-Hranicky, CFE
    Certification Manager
    Melissa Broccolo
    Assistant Certification Manager
    Eric Franco
    Lead Certification Administrator
    Nick Salazar
    Lead Certification Administrator
    Maegen Stewart
    Certification Administrator Level II
    Lora Vanhoogstraat
    Certification Administrator
    Gabriel Whitman
    Certification Administrator
     Distribution ( shipping@ACFE.com):
    Matt Kinsey, CFE
    Distribution Manager
    Geoffrey Lasch
    Distribution Coordinator
     Communications ( communications@ACFE.com):
    Kevin Taparauskas, CFE
    Communications Director
    Roger Aradi, CFE
    Communications Manager
    Helen Elliott, CFE
    Design Manager
    Kevin Krainman, CFE
    Web Strategist
    Aimee Jost, CFE
    Database Analyst
    Scott Patterson, CFE
    Senior Public Relations Specialist
    John Loftis, CFE
    Product Manager
    Mandy Moody, CFE
    Media Manager
    Tim Harvey
    Director of UK Operations
    Meredith Parr
    Creative Developer
    Laura Natal
    Partnership Administrator
    Anil Narayan
    Global Development Manager
    Sarah Ellis, CFE
    Partnership Manager
    Kevin Harris
    Video Editor
    Ganesh Thuraisingham
    Partnership Manager – Asia-Pacific
    Courtney Pedersen
    Communications Coordinator
    Caitlin Perdue
    Membership Communications Manager
     Events ( events@ACFE.com):
    Leslie Simpson, CFE
    Director of Events
    Allan Bachman, CFE
    Education Manager
    Ashlee Beck
    Events & Exhibition Planner
    Dianne Liston, CFE, CMP
    Conference Manager
    Joey Broccolo, CFE
    Events Assistant
    Megan Fuller
    Events Manager
    Monica Eeds
    Events Planner
    Travis Kolaja, CFE
    Account Executive
    Scott Butler
    E-Learning Coordinator
    Eliece Pool
    Communications Coordinator
     Finance & Accounting ( accounting@ACFE.com):
    Marianne Fatter, CFE, CPA
    Mary Stanton, CFE, CPA
    Senior Accountant
    Karen Johnson, CFE
    Billing Coordinator
    Jennifer Edwards, CFE
    Accounts Payable Administrator
    Jeannie Kwong, CFE, CPA
    Assistant Controller
     Human Resources ( hr@ACFE.com):
    Carrie Kelly, J.D., CFE
    Human Resources Director
    Calla Gentiles
    Human Resources Coordinator
     Information Technology ( informationtechnology@ACFE.com):
    Jeff Miller
    IT Architect
    Stephen Sebesta
    IT Manager
    Michael Biddle
    Application Engineer
    Ron Richey
    Senior Network Administrator
     Local Chapters ( chapters@ACFE.com):
    Ashley Stone, CFE
    Chapter Development Manager
     Research ( research@ACFE.com):
    Andi McNeal, CFE, CPA
    Research Director
    Mark Scott, J.D., CFE
    Research Specialist
    Yasmin Vazquez, CFE
    Instructional Design Specialist
    Laura Hymes, CFE
    Managing Editor
    Michael Hoffmann, CFE
    Research Editor
    Zach Capers, CFE
    Research Specialist
    Amy Scott, CFE
    CFE Exam Program Manager
    Misty Carter, CFE
    Research Specialist
    Jaime deBlanc
    Research Editor
     Legal ( legal@ACFE.com):
    Jacob Parks, CFE
    Associate General Counsel
     Fraud Magazine ( fraudmagazine@ACFE.com):
    Dick Carozza, CFE
    Emily Primeaux
    Assistant Editor
    Cora Bullock
    Contributing Editor