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  • CFE Code of Professional Standards Interpretation and Guidance Public Comment

    On February 20, 2013, the ACFE Board of Regents approved for public comment a draft CFE Code of Professional Ethics Interpretation and Guidance (Guidance). The purpose of the Guidance is to help clarify the CFE Code of Professional Standards (Standards) for Certified Fraud Examiners and explain how the Standards are to be interpreted. We believe this will be a valuable resource for CFEs, helping them resolve questions about their obligations under the Standards and avoid actions that could potentially result in violations.


    In the Guidance, every section of the Standards, except the Preamble, has been reprinted and is followed by a brief segment of interpretive text explaining the purpose and meaning of each accompanying section.


    The Guidance itself is not authoritative. It does not constitute rules of conduct for CFEs, nor is it intended to create obligations or duties for CFEs beyond those contained in the Standards. Failure of a CFE to adhere to the interpretive text contained in the Guidance will not by itself be deemed a violation of the Standards.


    Before the Guidance is officially published, the Board of Regents has directed that it be posted for public comment for a period of 45-days. We encourage all CFEs to review the draft Guidance and send any comments to ACFE at the following email address: Comments must be received no later than August 30, 2013.