Join the Law Enforcement and Government Alliance (LEGA)

LEGA is free to join and open to government and law enforcement organizations that:  

  • Commit to sending at least three of their staff through the CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) certification process within the first two years of joining LEGA 
  • Include the CFE credential in preferred hiring qualifications for the agency’s anti-fraud personnel 
  • Consider the CFE for promotional opportunities within the agency 
  • Provide the ACFE with a written letter of acknowledgement of the CFE credential

Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of becoming a LEGA member. 

The City of London Police Economic Crime Directorate as a Centre of Excellence are proud to be the first UK Law Enforcement body to form a strategic relationship with the ACFE, working together to promote learning that will assist in the prevention, disruption and enforcement and prosecution of fraudulent activities. Stephen Head, City of London Police

Commander, Economic Crime Directorate


Law Enforcement


United Kingdom