Investigating Internet Crimes: An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace

By Todd G. Shipley and Art Bowker

This book’s author is a CFE

This book's author is a CFE.

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Investigating Internet Crimes: An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace


"Investigating Internet Crimes" provides an introduction to investigating, documenting and locating internet criminals. This reference guide outlines step-by-step instructions for investigating internet crimes. This includes locating, interpreting, understanding, collecting and documenting electronically stored information (ESI).

The book discusses how internet crimes can be investigated and the legal issues associated with collecting online ESI so that the evidence can be admitted in any legal proceeding.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Track down, interpret and understand online electronic evidence to benefit investigations
  • Use software tools that assist in online investigations
  • Recognize the tools you can use to investigate internet crime

Product Details

This book's author is a CFE.
Label Value
ISBN 978-0-12-407817-8
Publisher Syngress Publishing
Published 2014
Pages 472
Format Paperback

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Internet Crime
Chapter 2 Internet Criminals
Chapter 3 How the Internet Works
Chapter 4 Collecting Legally Defensible Online Evidence
Chapter 5 Documenting Online Evidence
Chapter 6 Using Online Investigative Tools
Chapter 7 Online Digital Officer Safety
Chapter 8 Tracing IP Addresses Through the Internet
Chapter 9 Working Unseen on the Internet
Chapter 10 Cover Operations on the Internet
Chapter 11 Conducting Reactive and Proactive Internet Investigations
Chapter 12 Internet Resources for Locating Evidence
Chapter 13 Investigating Websites and Web Pages
Chapter 14 Investigating Social Networking Sites
Chapter 15 Investigating Methods of Communication
Chapter 16 Detection and Prevention of Internet Crimes
Chapter 17 Putting It All Together

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