2018 Report to Members

The ACFE, along with our members, experienced a successful and memorable year. We launched a mentoring program, created a new online version of the Fraud Examiners Manual and powered up for the world's largest gathering of fraud fighters.

But, none of that compares to what makes this association truly special: you. You bring a unique set of tools and knowledge to this organization, and we want to thank you for all you contribute. From Johannesburg to Abu Dhabi to Las Vegas, I was fortunate to travel around the world and witness your dedication to fighting fraud firsthand. At each stop I made and in each conversation I had, I was reminded of what makes this association unique. Individually, we can achieve a great deal, but together, we are unstoppable.

Your actions have spoken volumes and we at the ACFE want to celebrate all that you have accomplished in 2018.

Bruce Dorris Signature

Bruce Dorris, J.D., CFE, CPA
ACFE President and CEO

01. Helping your peers

Volunteering time

In May 2018, the ACFE Mentoring Program opened for enrollment. The program connects mentees to CFEs from all over the world who can offer a wealth of resources, experiences, advice and guidance.

111 mentors volunteered

1,120 hours of their time

Making friends and meeting goals

Janet Miller and Lisa Smith joined the ACFE Mentoring Program when it first opened for enrollment. Janet signed up as a mentor because she hoped to inspire someone in their efforts to detect and prevent fraud. Lisa signed up as a mentee because she needed structure and one-on-one guidance to study for and pass the CFE Exam.

It was clear from their first phone call that their personalities clicked.

Janet provided study techniques and kept Lisa focused on her goals in a positive way. Lisa stayed proactive throughout the six-month session and attended regular check-in meetings to keep moving forward toward her goal. In August, Lisa met her goal and earned the CFE credential. Today, Janet and Lisa have no doubt their friendship will be lifelong. The ACFE Mentoring Program led them to their first success story together, but they know it will be one of many along the way.

“There have been many rewarding parts of our journey together, but the most rewarding was the day Lisa passed the CFE Exam and successfully achieved one of her goals.”
— Janet Miller, CFE, Mentor

Supporting future fraud fighters

The ACFE Foundation supports students who want to pursue a career in fraud examination. Each year, ACFE Chapters and individual members donate money to fund the Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship, which provides an opportunity for students to advance their education and anti-fraud career paths.

$70,226 raised by chapters for the ACFE Foundation

Sharing knowledge

In October 2018, ACFE members collaborated online and started a new group in the ACFE Community dedicated to fraud risk management. In this group, members can discuss how to perform fraud risk assessments, implement best practices and raise fraud risk management awareness in their organizations.


Fraud Risk Management was the most engaged community group of 2018

9 answers averaged per question

150 members join per month

“Instead of trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’ every time a fraud risk management issue arises, ACFE members have a place to go to get help, support and advice.”
— Dave Cotton, 2018 CFE of the Year,
Fraud Risk Management Group Leader

02. Growing globally

Participating in the largest report on occupational fraud

Thousands of fraud fighters around the world provided information on their cases, which helped shape the largest, most robust report on occupational fraud ever — the 2018 Report to the Nations.

125 countries involved

10% more countries reported cases Compared to the 2015 Global Fraud Survey

2,690 fraud cases analyzed

That's 280 more fraud cases to learn from Compared to the 2015 Global Fraud Survey

USD 7.1 Billion Total monetary loss represented in the study

New chapters

Chapters act as local representatives of the ACFE, providing continued support for members worldwide. Members connect and collaborate with other fraud fighters in their area and participate in events that promote awareness of the anti-fraud profession. This year, we welcomed 8 new chapters to the ACFE.

Chapters established in 2018

Hover over points on the map to see chapter names and zoom in to see what other chapters are nearby.

03. Learning new skills

Attending events

With more than 120 educational events offered in 2018, including the new Fraud Risk Management Summit, members stayed up to date on the latest fraud trends by attending training around the world. Here are highlights from a few of the most popular events of 2018.

Fraud Conference Middle East

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The ACFE's largest regional conference with more than 425 attendees.

Hosted in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority.

Fraud Conference Europe

Frankfurt, Germany

Keynote speakers included Bastian Obermayer, Dr. Jessica Barker, Rob McCusker and Dr. Philip Klarmann.

29th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

Las Vegas, NV

3,000+ attendees
55,560 CPE credits earned

Fraud Risk Management Summit

New York, NY

Untitled-1 Inaugural event

Brought together leaders from the Department of Justice, Google, Goldman Sachs and more.

Fraud Conference Asia-Pacific

Sydney, Australia

Keynote speakers included Dennis Gentilin, Kate McClymont and Ian Yip.

9th ACFE Japan Conference

Tokyo, Japan

Hosted by ACFE Japan.

11th Annual ACFE African Conference and Exhibition

Johannesburg, South Africa

Hosted by the South Africa Chapter.

Law Enforcement and Government Anti-Fraud Summit

Washington, D.C.

Keynote address by Teresa Anaya, Director of Financial Strategy for the Blockchain Intelligence Group.

Fraud Conference Canada

Ottawa, ON

Keynote speakers included Diana Kelly, Chris Mathers, Michael Ferguson, Valérie Ouellet, Joanna Gualtieri and Zach Dubinsky.

04. Innovating

Leveraging Technology

Online Fraud Examiners Manual

The Fraud Examiners Manual is the definitive body of knowledge for the anti-fraud profession. Now, with online access, updates to the text are added throughout the year, so the Fraud Examiners Manual is more accessible and useful than ever.

Nano Learning

Nano courses are 10-minute explorations of specific anti-fraud topics, and offer immediate, 24/7 access and NASBA-approved CPE so that members can stay on the cutting edge of their anti-fraud education.

Fraud Magazine® App

The redesigned Fraud Magazine app offers every issue plus extra content such as popular topics, case studies and all-time top articles. Offline download offers access to current or archived issues any time, any place.

05. Looking Ahead

Thank you, members, for making 2018 such a memorable year. Your dedication, passion and willingness to help others continue to make the ACFE a standout organization. We look forward to providing you with new tools, resources and training opportunities in the future.