Investigative Discourse Analysis, Second Edition

  Investigative Discourse Second Edition

 By Don Rabon, CFE, and Tanya Chapman 




Too often investigators from all areas and fields consider written statements, transcripts of interviews and interrogations, and letters as mere pieces of paper to be filed. They are only useful at face value - as simple records, sworn statements, archives. In Investigative Discourse Analysis, Don Rabon demonstrates that there is hidden information in these documents that an astute investigator can use to break a case. This book will show you how to dissect a statement to determine where someone is concealing the truth.

Investigative Discourse Analysis, Second Edition introduces techniques for discourse analysis in which a statement can be examined for more information than that available to the untrained eye. Learn to look for the sensitive areas of a statement or transcript where there might be deception and indications of the intent to falsify or conceal in this top-rated book.


Product Details:
Copyright 2012
ISBN 978-1594609121
Paperback, 270 pages
Carolina Academic Press

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Terms, Concepts, and Definitions

Chapter 2: Obtaining the Individual’s Narrative

Chapter 3: Analysis of Narrative by Its Form

Chapter 4: Semantic Analysis of the Narrative

Chapter 5: The Parts of Speech and the Analysis Process

Chapter 6: Amplification of the Narrative

Chapter 7: The Analysis Process and Alternate Forms of Documentation: Letters and Emails

Chapter 8: The Analysis Process and Alternate Forms of Documentation: Transcripts

Chapter 9: Multiple Document Analysis Synergisms

Chapter 10: Sentence Deep Analysis