Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • The ACFE wants to help you and your team fight fraud more effectively. The mission of the Corporate Alliance is to continue to grow the anti-fraud expertise within organizations throughout the world and to foster true partnerships that forge lifelong connections.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Corporate Alliance a right fit for your organization? Review our FAQs below and contact us for additional questions and information about becoming a partner.
    How many ACFE members does my organization need to join the Corporate Alliance?
    There is no membership requirement for joining the Corporate Alliance. However, we recommend having at least 10 members on your roster to take advantage of savings opportunities.
    Do we need to have existing ACFE members?
    No, you do not need to have existing members on your roster. You can add new members from your company, and we highly recommend this program for individuals who plan to earn their CFE credential.
    How does the first year’s payment work for current members?
    The ACFE offers Corporate Alliance members group billing and does away with individual membership dues. Your organization's first-year invoice will be prorated based on existing members you add to your roster.
    Are government agencies eligible to join the Corporate Alliance?
    Government agencies, universities and nonprofits are not eligible for the Corporate Alliance. However, we do have the Law Enforcement and Government Alliance, as well as the Anti-Fraud Education Partnership programs that cater to these entities.
    Do the discounts offered apply to all ACFE courses, merchandise and conferences?
    Your organization's Corporate Alliance discount is applicable for all ACFE events, courses, merchandise and conferences. The discount does not apply to Authorized Trainer CFE Exam Review Courses or ACFE chapter events.
    Are the fees for joining the Corporate Alliance in addition to the existing membership dues for my team?
    No. The annual partnership dues for participating in the Corporate Alliance cover membership dues for a set number of individuals, depending on your tier level.
    The Corporate Alliance program is intended to facilitate learning, networking and knowledge sharing among anti-fraud professionals from different organizations and industries. Corporate Alliance participants may not: (a) solicit their products or services at Corporate Alliance events; (b) use Corporate Alliance directories or contact lists to send or cause to be sent unsolicited business development or marketing communications; or (c) share other Corporate Alliance participants’ contact information with third parties.
ACFE Corporate Alliance