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Insidious: How Trusted Employees Steal Millions and Why It's So Hard for Banks to Stop Them

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 By Shirley Inscoe and BC Krishna 





Employees who steal have the potential to devastate your bank, swindle your customers, tarnish your reputation and demoralize good employees. But employee fraud remains a largely hidden problem.

In this book, you’ll hear from fraud examiners and analysts on the front lines of fraud prevention. You’ll get insights from a range of industry experts. And a trusted former bank vice president — now in federal prison — will tell you why she stole from her bank. Insidious will provide a fresh perspective on a damaging, insidious problem — and will help you address it more effectively. 



Product Details:
Copyright 2009
ISBN 978-0-9825272-0-7
Paperback, 150 Pages
Memento, Inc.

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Opportunity Knocks

Chapter 2: Motivation Sets Fraud in Motion

Chapter 3: Why It's Insidious

Chapter 4: The Estimates

Chapter 5: Value

Chapter 6: Fraud Trends

Chapter 7: No Silver Bullet

Chapter 8: All Fraud Leaves Evidence Behind

Chapter 9: Detection and Investigation

Chapter 10: Essential Qualities

Chapter 11: First Steps

Chapter 12: The Results

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