Becoming a CFE is just around the corner. Welcome to your one-stop resource for study tips, answers to your questions, feedback and encouragement.

October 2016

CFE Exam Coach Newsletter

Becoming a CFE is just around the corner.

Study Tips

Learn how to take an active role in studying. If it has been a while since you've studied, you might find it difficult to concentrate at first. We recommend beginning the Prep Course by answering a few questions from any section to get a feel for the course. Since the course automatically tracks your correct and incorrect selections, as well as your strong and weak subject areas, you can study at your own pace. 

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CFE Highlight

Jimmy Wong, CFE, shares his experience of how he prepared for the CFE Exam.

CFE Certificate


Congratulations to all members who became Certified Fraud Examiners in the last 60 days.

Prep Forum

New ACFE Community

Visit the ACFE community dedicated to discussions about preparing and passing the CFE Exam. Log in today to introduce yourself and join in the discussion with professionals from all over the world. .

Fraud IQ Test


A(n) ____________ is an agreement between buyers and sellers to make delivery (i.e., sell) or to take delivery of (i.e., buy) a given quantity and quality of a commodity at a specified price and on a specified future date.


A. Future contract (future)
B. Warrant

C. Certificate of deposit (CD)
D. Option contract


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CFE Exam Review Course

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November 7-10, 2016

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February 13 -16, 2017

Washington, D.C.
March 6-9, 2017

Austin, TX

April 24-27, 2017

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Coach's Corner

Membership is a requirement to take the CFE Exam and earn your CFE credential. If you are not already an Associate member of the ACFE, you must first become a member to pursue the CFE credential.
Apply for an Associate Membership

Angela Archie, CFE
CFE Exam Coach

Angela Archie

How to Apply for your CFE

1. Fill out the CFE Exam application online at



Visit the Certification Portal at to submit your supporting documentation, which includes:
  • Details of your work experience
  • Documentation of the education claimed on your exam application
  • Three Candidate Recommendation Forms
  • A recent photograph

Local Chapters

ACFE chapters are organized by members who reside in a particular geographic region and share an interest in the detection and deterrence of fraud.
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